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At the start of 2015, I knew I wanted to shoot a styled wedding session sometime before the year’s end. I had a vision of a bride and groom, with a bohemian vintage feel, walking through tall grasses in beautiful sunshine… and that is exactly what I got. Perfect weather, a gorgeous location, beautiful light, and two wonderful people to photograph. More often than not on actual wedding days, there is limited time to spend with a bride and groom. This was my chance to have fun and be creative without any time constraints or weather hiccups. I feel incredibly thankful to be able to do something I am so passionate about, and call it my “job” and I cannot wait for the rest of my 2015 weddings to come!

I never could have pulled this off without an amazing creative team to back me up. A huge thank you (times a million!) to the following creatives who were beyond amazing to work with:

Models: Alex George & Tyler Beurkens

Bouquet, Headpiece, & Boutonnière: Garnet Eve Designs by Sarah Hudkins

Hair and Makeup: Sarah Mueller

Location: Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor

Bridal Gown: Nha Khanh

Styling & Photography: Shauna Wear

Bohemian Wedding 1Bohemian Wedding 2Bohemian Wedding 3Bohemian Wedding 4Bohemian Wedding 5Bohemian Wedding 6Bohemian Wedding 7Bohemian Wedding 8Bohemian Wedding 9Bohemian Wedding 10Bohemian Wedding 11Bohemian Wedding 12Bohemian Wedding 13Bohemian Wedding 14Bohemian Wedding 15Bohemian Wedding 16Bohemian Wedding 17Bohemian Wedding 18Bohemian Wedding 19Bohemian Wedding 20Bohemian Wedding 21Bohemian Wedding 22Bohemian Wedding 23Bohemian Wedding 24Bohemian Wedding 25Bohemian Wedding 26Bohemian Wedding 27Bohemian Wedding 28Bohemian Wedding 29Bohemian Wedding 30Bohemian Wedding 31

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